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Zenfolio offers a wide range of viewing options. From your browser, I suggest you hide (F11) the browser headings to view full screen.

Most functions are pretty obvious...normal clicking or touching on image to select it or advance to it.

While viewing an image, if you click/touch the image, you will go to fill out the available viewing space ("Dim the Lights" function). You can then scroll through the images in the gallery by swiping or clicking on left/right indicators.

Moving the mouse or finger over the image will show "i" (upper right) button, which will give additional EXIF data.

If using slideshow, you can pause it to view longer. If you swipe, you can fast advance forward or backward. The slideshow opens in a new window, so returning you will select the original browser window.

Many images may be downloaded, some cannot. Almost all can be shared, that is linked or referenced in web or social media sites (Facebook).

They can also be printed ('Buy" button) as single images or entire galleries. Printing is at actual supplier price, with no uplift or profit to me.